News: Advancing Manufacturing

When I returned back to Lafayette from being in the military I was working multiple jobs that paid from minimum wage to jobs that paid no more than $10.00/hour. I had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet for my family. This program taught me different things, like how to build a resume and about skills that I didn't know I had. When I attended the Advanced Manufacturing Standardized Work Certificate training, I learned Kaizan, 1st in-1st out, and 3D3S, which are a few of the great production concepts that I didn't know about until taking the classes at Purdue Polytechnic-Lafayette. I graduated with my Advanced Manufacturing Standardized Work Certificate from Purdue Polytechnic-Lafayette. I know today that if I didn't take these classes I probably wouldn’t have the job I now have and would still be making minimum wage and working multiple jobs to take care of my family. Jeff.G

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